"Why the Long Island Iced Tea is actually awesome" - New York Post, Sept. 26, 2015


"John deBary, bar director for the Momofuku empire, which includes Fuku+, has a soft spot for the Long Island Iced Tea.

“Back when I worked at Please Don’t Tell,” he remembers, “there was a debate as to whether the bar served Long Island Iced Teas as a matter of policy. [Owner] Jim Meehan’s final answer was, ‘The drink is good if you serve it right.’ ”

At Fuku+, deBary improves on the original by using top-shelf liquor, eighty-sixing sour mix and replacing Coca-Cola with Dr. Pepper. Sipped as a slushy, it actually pairs pretty well with the restaurant’s signature fried-chicken sandwiches."


Gabi Porter

Gabi Porter